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  • Callbright

    Callbright provides complete, real-time telephone communication management via web-based tools to help businesses optimize marketing investments and enhance customer relationships. Clients can track advertising effectiveness through telephone responses, record and monitor inbound calls, track outbound calls, and send broadcast messages. Additionally, training features provided through Callbright help establish accountability and improve the performance of personnel, leading to increased profitability. Its Web-based solutions are practical and cost-effective, requiring no equipment or software installation, and allow clients to connect to the solution from anywhere with Internet access.

  • Learn It Now!

    Want to learn how to use new Contact Management like a pro? Interested in customizing it to meet your needs? Check out the Learn It Now lessons on the Help page!

  • Contact Management

    Accomplish your customer relationship management goals with a single, comprehensive solution that fully integrates with your ERA or POWER DMS and drives efficiency into your sales process. This means that the data from leads, desked deals, F&I, service, parts, and accounting all flow through Contact Management without hostile integration points. This eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, guaranteeing that the information will not be compromised and that the reporting will be up-to-date on time, every time.

  • Service Portal

    Is your service department open when your customers are ready to schedule? Give your customers the ability to easily schedule appointments and access their vehicle service records with Service Portal.

    **Reynolds DMS customers only

  • Call Tracking

    Logs all users' phone call details and provides reporting within Contact Management. Dealers get accurate information and can ensure calls are made diligently and handled appropriately. Call Tracking works with an existing phone system and works invisibly in the background, allowing management to monitor who is completing assigned phone activities.

  • Administration Access On-the-Go!

    The Administration application is now available on small-sized mobile devices (smartphones). We know how mobile devices are depended on nowadays, so we made it possible for you to perform basic tasks in the Administration application on-the-go.

    • Access important user profile information anywhere you go
    • Lock and unlock users wherever you may be
    • Quickly snap employee pictures and upload them to the user profiles
    • Generate passwords for forgetful employees with a few simple taps
  • Digital Advertising Service

    Advertising shouldn't be limited to only traditional methods. Your Bing- and Google-certified specialist fully manages paid search campaigns, digital video, social media and display ads, and digital remarketing so you stay top of mind with consumers.

  • Prospect Scorecard

    Know which customers are in the best position to buy now. Prospect Scorecard identifies prospects within a dealer's own database by scoring customers based on the client's sales and service history in conjunction with Polk's propensity to buy score. Prospect Scorecard helps dealers:

    • Maximize revenue with a comprehensive scoring system that tells you which customers are in the best position to buy now.
    • Shorten the customer buying cycle and attract the trades you need.
    • Create targeted marketing campaigns and increase the effectiveness of prospecting activities - no more "shooting in the dark" for prospects.
    • Bring customers not currently in the market for a new vehicle into the sales cycle.


  • eNegotiator

    A new, highly integrated eNegotiator application in the Contact Management application is now available to help personnel throughout the dealership transform the client's experience during the sales process. Seamless integration allows deal proposals and information to be quickly transferred between the Contact Management application and the new eNegotiator application in the ERA-IGNITE System.
  • Mobile

    Put your dealership in the hands of consumers at the coffee shop, at home, work, even at the grocery store with a fully-branded mobile site designed for 100% of mobile devices. Mobile codes, text marketing, and the ability for consumers to send information from your dealership website to their phone (Send-2-Mobile) allow customers to interact with your site 24/7/365.

  • Grid Control Enhancements

    We've updated our grid control and added a few important new features:
    • Printing grid results
    • Exporting grid results
    • Making selections across multiple pages
  • Equity Calculator

    What if I could give you a list of customers that have the potential to buy from you today? What would that be worth?

    Equity Calculator is a proactive solution that will shorten customer buying cycles, attract desirable trades, and increase your gross profits. It behaves in such a way that it regularly analyzes a dealership's sold vehicle records, to compare each customer's assumed payoff against vehicle valuation data from N.A.D.A Official Used Car Guide and Black Book® to calculate each customer's equity position.

  • Inventory Setup Tools

    The Vehicle application now has new tools that will make configuring dealership inventories even simpler. Some of these tools include the following:
    • Search Settings
    • Price Protection
    • Status Groups
    • DMS Price Mapping
  • Digital Reputation Management

    Reputation management is one of the hottest topics in the industry today and what you don't know can hurt you. Constant monitoring of the most influential websites helps you build a positive reputation and react quickly to negative feedback.

  • SEO and Social

    Put your brand where customers are looking. Your marketing specialist expertly orchestrates your on-site and off-site SEO and social media to ensure your brand is where your customers are most active online.